What are the new protections that have taken effect for nursing home residents?

Here are some of the new rules now in effect:

New nursing home rules allow residents to have visitors of the resident's choosing and at the time the resident wants, meaning the facility cannot impose visiting hours. There are also rules about who must have immediate access to a resident, including a resident's representative.

Meals - Nursing homes must make meals and snacks available when residents want to eat, not just at designated meal times.

Roommates - Residents can choose their roommate as long as both parties agree.

Grievances - Each nursing home must designate a grievance official whose job it is to make sure grievances are properly resolved. In addition, residents must be free from the fear of discrimination for filing a grievance. The nursing home also has to put grievance decisions in writing.

Transfer and Discharge - The new rules require more documentation from a resident's physician before the nursing home can transfer or discharge a resident based on an inability to meet the resident's needs. The nursing home also cannot discharge a patient for nonpayment if Medicaid is considering a payment claim.

In November 2017, rules regarding facility assessment, psychotropic drugs and medication review, and care plans, among others, will go into effect. The final set of regulations covering infection control and ethics programs will take effect in November 2019.

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