Guardianship Litigation Boca Raton

Guardianship is a legal process through the county Probate Court whereby a judge determines whether a person has legal capacity or not. In the event that an individual is unable to manage his/her own affairs and advance directives have not been completed; Elder Law Associates PA advises clients on all aspects of legal guardianship proceedings in Boca Raton.

In some cases, guardianship matters are adversarial due to family conflicts. Elder Law Associates PA has handled many contested guardianship proceedings in Boca Raton. We guide our clients through very difficult and often emotional proceedings.

Guardianship litigation in Boca Raton is quite unique as traditional litigation preparation must be combined with knowledge of statutory guardianship regulations and procedures. We zealously represent our clients while keeping the best interests of the alleged incapacitated person or ward in mind.

Potential clients should be aware that without proper representation in a guardianship court, an individual may lose the opportunity to be properly heard, or very quickly become overwhelmed and/or disadvantaged due to the expeditious handling of these matters. In contrast to many other types of litigation, time is of the essence in these matters.

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