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Special Needs Planning Issues Following Divorce

By: Howard S. Krooks, CELA, CAP

Elder Law Associates Newsletter dated February 18, 2013

Divorce can be complicated, emotional, frustrating, disappointing, expensive, along with a whole range of other emotions, as anyone who has acted as counsel or endured this type of proceeding can attest. As difficult as the issues can be in a divorce proceeding, can you imagine what happens when divorce involves a child with a disability? I recently testified as an expert on government benefits issues in a case seeking modification of child support in the Family Court in Manhattan. This case illustrates how much more difficult the issues can be when a child with a disability is involved in the marital split, and how important it is to have someone knowledgeable in government benefits and special needs planning issues participate in the proceedings. Lifetime Child Support Payments Awarded In this case, a divorce between a wife and her husband was finalized in 1996.