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The Friendship Initiative - Because #FriendshipHasNo Boundaries

By: Jeb Neiwood

Elder Law Associates Newsletter dated July 1, 2015

Their Mission: To provide programs and projects which allow children with special needs and typical children to connect and create lasting friendships.

Their Vision: Every child with special needs will be enabled to reach their individual potential through our programs and projects.

Their Goal: To provide programs at affordable prices in the areas of culture, education, employment and athletics; to create facilities that the special needs and typical populations can share side by side; to provide volunteer opportunities for students and to educate typical student volunteers that we are all differently abled and to be accepted and valued for who we are and carry that message to their peers; to create, through its web page an online community where information and networking can be facilitated and exchanged.

TFI has developed a concept and design for the nation's first all-inclusive community park to be named Friendship Park. Every element within this outdoor space, resting or active, can be shared side by side with both special needs and typical populations. This prototype will be built on 50 acres and located in Parkland, FL. The park is  in the initial stages of fundraising the $17M necessary for its construction. 

Park features include:

  • Multi-use athletic fields with points of entry and exit designed to consider the safety of all participants
  • Basketball courts including the "bank-shot" basketball circuit system, where the game is not person against person but person against a circuit of non conventionally configured backboards that allow for shared play by people of all abilities
  • Double-wide walkways and pathways providing space for wheelchairs, walkers and adaptive bicycles
  • A sensory garden that engages each of the five senses within a larger green landscaped area with wide boardwalks running through it
  • A fully adaptive playground
  • A great lawn for events and productions
  • Sculptured art in the park area
  • Plenty of accessible parking

How You Can Help:

  1. Help create friendships by volunteering for TFI. Click here for more information.
  2. Donate to The Friendship Initiative. Click here for more information.
  3. Participate in #TFIGIVEME5 - The social media movement to raise awareness for The Friendship Initiative.  Be a part of  our “High 5” chain that they are hoping will span the globe because #FriendshipHasNoBoundaries. Click here for more information. Find them on: