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Without A Deal, 10,000 People Could Be Forced into Nursing Homes

If lawmakers do nothing to correct the $215 million budget shortfall, 10,000 seniors and frail Oklahomans could be forced out of home-based care and into nursing homes after Dec. 1.

The budget reduction plan offered by the Department of Human Services would eliminate state funding for the ADvantage Waiver Program, which is designed to help seniors and adults with disabilities live at home.
People on the program can delay nursing home placement or other types of adult care, which is often more expensive than finding in-home supports.
Compounding the problem is that there may not be nursing homes available to accommodate the population increase.
Nursing homes don't have enough beds to support the influx of waiver recipients and they already face reduced funding from another agency also affected by budget cuts.
Nico Gomez, who represents an association of nursing homes, has already warned nearly half of the 301 nursing homes statewide could be in danger of closing.
The Oklahoma Health Care Authority earlier said it would also cut nursing home funding if it does not receive additional appropriations to replace funds cut from its budget.
Article Source: NewsOK