Personal Injury Litigation

As elder law and special needs attorneys, Elder Law Associates PA works closely with professionals from a variety of disciplines, such as geriatric care managers, home health professionals, accountants, other lawyers, financial planners, insurance agents, and others to provide our seniors and their families with cutting edge elder law and special needs planning strategies and guidance. We assist our clients in achieving superior results on all matters. This expertise can be particularly pertinent in personal injury litigation. An injured senior who is considering filing a lawsuit faces a wide variety of questions and challenges, such as:

  • How will this injury affect my ability to remain or become independent?
  • What kind of care do I need and where will I be able to receive that care?
  • Who will pay for the needed care?
  • Are government benefits available to pay for the care?

The senior’s selection of a lawyer to handle the personal injury litigation is a paramount decision. Elder Law Associates PA assists seniors in identifying and working with a personal injury attorney. Whether the injury occurs in a nursing home, assisted living facility or in the community, we work with many established personal injury attorneys in South Florida. We assess a case to determine whether it has merit, the likelihood of success, and make a referral to the most appropriate personal injury attorney to handle the type of injury involved.

Our services do not end with the referral. We continue to remain involved in the litigation throughout, serving as a consultant to the senior and as liaison between the senior and the personal injury attorney. Furthermore, recoveries in personal injury lawsuits may be protected from creditors and be structured to allow the senior to remain qualified for government benefits or permit future eligibility for those benefits should long term care be necessary. With Elder Law Associates PA “quarterbacking” your personal injury lawsuit, we seek a global approach to the analysis of all issues. We also educate and counsel our seniors and their families on legal issues that may not be directly related to the personal injury litigation, but which may be greatly affected by the outcome.

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