Trust and Estate Litigation Lake Worth

Elder Law Associates PA offers trust and estate litigation services in Lake Worth. This includes actions to remove fiduciaries, for accountings and to preserve beneficiaries rights. Our attorneys also handle actions to assert or defend an expected inheritance. Furthermore, we engage in trust and estate litigation in Lake Worth to protect and preserve homestead rights wrongfully removed.

We represent spouses, adult children and others who may be wrongfully accused of interfering with the estate plan of a spouse or parent or have a claim against someone who wrongfully interfered with an estate plan. Our attorneys can defend a trust and estate litigation in Lake Worth if there was no fraud involved and/or the decedent had capacity. Likewise, we institute proceedings against wrongdoers where fraud, undue influence or incapacity may have been present.

When a beneficiary under someones will is not receiving their inheritance, there may be actions taken by the personal representative that are improper and/or causing delay. We represent the interests of those beneficiaries in an estate administration action.

At Elder Law Associates PA, we can assist with your trust and estate litigation in Lake Worth.

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